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‘Wheel of Fortune’ atones for previous snub with White Sox shout-out (pics)

“Wheel of Fortune” appeared to offer up a mea culpa of sorts over a snub that had the Chicago White Sox up in arms earlier this year thanks to what transpired during a recent airing of the iconic game show.

It all started back in February when “Wheel of Fortune” aired a tribute to Chicago as part of its “Great American Cities” week. One crossword-styled puzzle on the Windy City-themed episode included every Chicago pro sports team — the Bulls, Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears — but not the White Sox.

The official Twitter account of the White Sox took notice and provided “Wheel” with a mocked-up alternative to the puzzle that included the team.

And then on Thursday’s episode in the category “People,” it appears “Wheel of Fortune” attempted to make amends to the jilted White Sox by paying tribute to the team’s fans.

The White Sox took to Twitter to highlight the puzzle … and it seems the team is willing to let bygones be bygones.

The White Sox of course sadly are all-too-familiar with these kind of snubs, so it’s probably refreshing for the team to see that at least in the game-show world, past affronts can yield positive resolutions.