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Thunder issues statement on broadcaster’s racially insensitive comment

The Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday issued a statement condemning comments made by FOX Sports Oklahoma broadcaster Brian Davis during Wednesday night’s game when he said Russell Westbrook was “out of his cotton-picking mind.”

The statement from the Thunder indicates Davis did not intend for the comment to be racially charged and has since apologized.

“We find the term used by Brian Davis on our broadcast last night to be highly inappropriate and offensive.”

“We’ve discussed it with the announcer and let him know that,” the statement read, via TMZ.
“He assures us it was not meant in any sort of offensive or derogatory manner and he apologizes.”

“Nonetheless, he’s been told the use of that term in any manner is unacceptable.”

The racially insensitive comment was made by Davis during the second quarter of the Thunder’s 137-123 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies in the team’s regular-season finale. It was in reaction to a fantastic play out of Westbrook.

Suffice to say, the comment was not well-received on social media. Nor by the Thunder, that much is now clear, in light of the team’s strongly worded statement.