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Lamar Jackson reacts to Tom Brady referring to him as ‘a beast’

Tom Brady slid into the comments section of an Instagram post from NFL Network this week to proclaim Lamar Jackson “a beast.” And the former Louisville Cardinals quarterback was left understandably flattered.

It all started when Brady reacted to the aforementioned Instagram post in which it’s suggested that Bill Belichick could be intrigued by Jackson. Shooting a message to NFL Network’s Deion Sanders, here’s what the New England Patriots quarterback had to say:

And Jackson’s reaction?

Interestingly, Brady’s high praise of Jackson comes amid a report suggesting the Patriots are the team “most interested” in the quarterback prospect. The Patriots’ first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft comes at No. 23. The belief among many draft wonks is that Jackson is unlikely to last that long in the first round.

That said, the Patriots ought to seriously start considering finding Brady’s heir apparent, something Patriots owner Robert Kraft himself previously admitted. Brian Hoyer currently is slotted as Brady’s backup, and the 32-year-old veteran is hardly the franchise-caliber quarterback the Patriots need to groom to someday replace Brady, who some believe may not play as long as he originally stated.

Either way, Brady believes Jackson is a big-time player. And whether Jackson ends up with the Patriots or not, the young signal-caller, in Brady’s mind, stands to have a great NFL career.