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Fourth-grader playing hooky runs into principal at Cubs game (pics)

Tucker Steckman, an elementary school student from East Moline, Ill., was allowed to play hooky this week so he could take in the Chicago Cubs’ home opener. Imagine the fourth-grader’s surprise when he ran into …  gulp … his principal at Wrigley Field.

It gets better. Steckman, attending the game with his father, was featured in a tweet from MLB’s official account in which he’s holding a sign outside Wrigley on Tuesday that read, “Skipping school … shh! Don’t tell Principal Versluis.”

And wouldn’t you know it? Principal Versluis was skipping school as well and was at the game. Versluis and Steckman ran into each other somewhere in Wrigley and Versluis later posted a photograph of the two on Facebook, in which Steckman is holding the aforementioned sign.

Cue the obligatory “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” references. Although it sounds like Versluis holds Steckman in much higher regard than Principal Ed Rooney had for Ferris.

“I saw him and I was kind of ducking down,” Versluis told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I didn’t want him to see me either. I’m here with my son, Aiden, who’s in fifth grade, and I called out sick for the day!”

Versluis said the skip day was “all good” and referred to Steckman as a “great kid” while calling the fourth-grader’s sign “hilarious.”

Versluis posted additional photographs to Facebook, calling the experience an “amazing day” and commenting, “… thanks Tucker for the memories… that is what leadership is all about! Didn’t get the W but what a day!”