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Clippers exact revenge, troll Nuggets over playoff elimination

The Denver Nuggets were eliminated from the postseason Wednesday night courtesy of a 112-106 overtime loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves in a win-or-go-home game for both squads.

And the Los Angeles Clippers could not help but go trolling on Twitter over the brutally disappointing end to Denver’s season. Although the case can be made the Nuggets were asking for it, as the Clippers’ troll-job was simply a case of well-deserved comeuppance.

When the Clippers were eliminated from postseason contention last week, the folks operating the Nuggets’ Twitter account taunted the Clippers over it.

Shortly after the Nuggets’ elimination at the hands of the T’Wolves Wednesday night, the following dispatch was tweeted out by the Clippers’ social media staff … in direct reply to the Nuggets’ original tweet from the week beforehand.

Ouch. Although, as noted, the Nuggets were asking for it.

If it’s any consolation to the Nuggets, though, what was lost by not punching their postseason ticket was a brutally daunting showdown with the top-seeded Houston Rockets. That’s something. Maybe.

Interestingly, the Clippers’ Twitter take-down was not the only instance of the Nuggets-Timberwolves tilt capturing the fancy of an NBA team. The Atlanta Hawks took a keen interest in the outcome of the game on Twitter as well.

While it indeed seems odd for the Hawks to have a rooting interest in the game, the Timberwolves’ victory greatly benefited Atlanta, as explained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The Timberwolves secured a playoff berth with a victory over the Nuggets on Wednesday and thus will send the lottery-protected pick to the Hawks via a 2015 trade. The pick will be No. 18 or No. 19 overall, depending on the result of a tiebreak between the Timberwolves and Spurs that is decided by a random drawing of ping-pong balls. 

The draft-pick payoff stems from a trade between the teams involving Adreian Payne in 2015. Go Wolves, indeed.