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Young Steelers fan receives personal camp invite from Ben Roethlisberger (vids)

A young Pittsburgh Steelers fan was left blown away after receiving a personal invite to a football camp from none other than Ben Roethlisberger.

Cindy Koehler, the mother of 9-year-old Steelers superfan Caleb, acquiesced to her son’s request to post a video to social media over the weekend in which he identifies the person he’d most like to meet, which would be Big Ben.

Caleb said he’d “probably hyperventilate and pass out” if he would ever meet Roethlisberger. Although his mother was at first hesitant to post the video online, until Caleb said “no risk, no reward” about the request.

“I was kind of joking about getting the video [to Roethlisberger] but he said, ‘Mom, can you really get this to him online?'” Koehler said, via ESPN. “I said I would try.”

The response to the post was slow at first. Soon enough, though, retweets started to pile up and eventually, Roethlisberger’s social media coordinator sent her a message. On Monday afternoon, Caleb received a personal invite to Roethlisberger’s June 17 football camp in Pittsburgh from the quarterback himself.

“On Monday night I turned to Craig and said, ‘I think I just got a video from Ben Roethlisberger,'” Koehler said. “We watched it first, then we showed it to Caleb.”

And Caleb’s reaction?

The family intends to take up Big Ben on the offer, which will require a four-hour road trip from Elkhart, Ind., hardly a massive undertaking. What’s more, Roethlisberger mentioned a possible pass-and-catch session between himself an young Caleb. But the response in and of itself is what most impressed Koehler.

“It’s so genuine to see him send that,” Koehler said. “When he said Caleb’s name, I said the power of social media is so amazing. Having that kind of positive impact on kids is great. He will be catching a pass from one of his idols. He’s so thrilled.”

No risk, no reward, indeed.