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Neighbors near new Vikings facility irritated by its bright lights

Back in early March, the Minnesota Vikings moved into a new practice facility. The team’s state-of-the-art new home, located in the South Metro suburb of Eagan, is a “277,000-square-foot, custom-built complex, twice the size of the team’s former home in Eden Prairie,” per a Star Tribune report.

However, bright lights adorn the north side of the complex alongside Interstate 494. And while the new facility is without question great for the organization, some local neighbors are not too fond of it.

Multiple people have expressed concern with the lights projected from the large display.

“I’ve been irritated by the sign for some time,” said Friel, who lives about a quarter-mile from the practice facility. “It’s light pollution.”

“The thing is, it’s just so illuminating, 24/7,” said Steve Gaertner, who lives less than a mile away. “I guess my question is, do they have to light it up all night? Do the Vikings really need that type of advertising at 11, 12, 1 o’clock in the morning?”

This sounds like a problem that would be more likely happen in December when everyone’s Christmas lights are up. But it appears it will be a year-round issue, at least for those who reside nearby. Vikings spokesman Jeff Anderson has since indicated that the team is aware of the problem:

“Certainly we understand the concerns,” said Vikings spokesman Jeff Anderson. “It’s our intent to be a good neighbor and ensure that this project works for the city of Eagan, works for the surrounding communities and residents, and it works for all the visitors.”

“I would liken it to the stadium downtown,” Anderson said. “We’re certainly proud of our facility and [the exterior lighting] is just part of the design of the building.”

Anderson also made it clear that those lights are not “dimmable” and will remain on as Vikings employees use the facility at night.