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Tyronn Lue heeding Steve Kerr’s advice before return to Cavs (vid)

Tyronn Lue, as expected, will make his return to coaching Thursday when the Cleveland Cavaliers host the Washington Wizards at Quicken Loans Arena. Lue on Thursday morning relayed how Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr — who missed time due to health issues of his own a few seasons back — gave him some sage advice.

Lue has been away from Cleveland’s bench since March 17 due to health issues which came to a head when he experienced chest pains during a March 17 game. A statement released by the Cavaliers upon Lue’s leave of absence noted the coach was suffering from “chest pains and other troubling symptoms, compounded by a loss of sleep.”

Lue said he was left humbled by all the support he received from the NBA community, especially from Kerr.

“We get so wrapped up in the game of basketball I think we kind of forget about everything else,” Lue said, relaying Kerr’s advice, via “This was the first time in 20 years where I really just had a chance to focus on me and get myself right and he reminded of that, we get so wrapped up in the game that we forget about real life and it was the best advice I got so thank Steve for that.”

Lue also revealed changes made to address his health issues.

“No orange juice with Sprite, so I haven’t had soda in almost three weeks,” Lue said after Thursday’s shootaround. “Just I guess the diet has probably been the toughest thing, just trying to eat better, eat cleaner.”

Lue added he hired a chef and has committed to a more consistent exercise regimen.

Lue not surprisingly received a warm welcome back from the team, including from LeBron James, who warmly praised his head coach, saying of the timing of Lue’s return, “We trust him.”

“Having LeBron’s validation, just being like, ‘I got it. Take some time off, get yourself ready for the playoffs. I’ll take care of the team. I’ll make sure everything is good,'” Lue said. “And he’s playing at a high level, so he’s a man of his word.”