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Marcus Morris explains why he deleted ref incident apology tweet

Marcus Morris earlier this week tweeted out and apology over an incident on Saturday involving making contact with a referee after he was ejected. Then out of the blue, the Boston Celtics forward deleted the tweet. And it appears that it’s not because Morris isn’t still regretful over what happened. Instead, Morris apparently preferred not to have the tweet’s presence “sit at the top of my Twitter.”

Morris took to Twitter Tuesday night to apologize for his conduct following his ejection during Saturday’s game against the Toronto Raptors. After Morris was sent to the showers after jawing with the Raptors’ CJ Miles, he smacked a referee on his backside on his way off the court.

On Tuesday, Morris tweeted the following in a since-deleted message: “Sorry for smacking the ref a– after getting ejected. I see other refs took offense to it. My apologies.”

At some point Morris elected to delete the tweet. On Wednesday, he would explain why.

“I just put it out there, let them know,” Morris said. “I don’t want it to sit at the top of my Twitter. It doesn’t mean that much to me, but I just thought that I’d express my opinion.”

Morris felt that the incident may have caused “some type of animosity” with the referees during Tuesday’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

“I kind of felt some type of way last game,” Morris said Wednesday night. “… To me, it just felt like there was some type of animosity there. Nobody was speaking (to me). I couldn’t really talk to them. I felt like I was getting fouled a lot and there were no calls.

“But I deleted it. I think it was a friendly tweet. Don’t you think? Let them know, ‘Hey, I apologize.’ The (ref) didn’t like that. I’m sorry. It is what is.”

As it stands, Morris will not be disciplined by the NBA for the hind-end-smack. So, all’s well that ends well, even with the curiously deleted tweet.