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Augusta chairman explains policy of ejecting Masters patrons for inane shouts

A report surfaced earlier this week ahead of the Masters indicating patrons who shout inane phrases like “Dilly Dilly” or “Mashed Potatoes” and the like will be swiftly dealt with this week by being “removed immediately” from the hallowed grounds of Augusta National Golf Club.

Fred Ridley, chairman of Augusta National, explained this week during the club’s annual news conference why such a policy was enacted.

“It’s something really that’s part of our culture,” Ridley said, via ESPN’s Bob Harig. “We believe that it’s important, not only here at the Masters, but in every tournament. I know there’s been some incidents recently, but we take that part of our policies very seriously, and we will always take action to make sure that all of our policies are enforced, including that one.”

When asked for what kind of phrases or conduct that will get a patron tossed, Ridley declined to say.

“I can’t cite any specific examples, but when you hear something improper, you know what it is,” Ridley said.

As far as how strictly the policy will be enforced Ridley indicated Augusta security and staff will “not be bashful about it.”

Augusta has wholly strict standards pertaining who is rewarded with badges and access to the Masters, explained as follows:

Masters badges are linked to their owners, and the club reserves the right to remove spectators and take away their badges, which are renewed on an annual basis. Because there is such demand and a closed waiting list for badges, the club has no trouble finding someone else to buy them, which this year go for $375, earning admittance to all four tournament rounds.

With that in mind, those attending the first major of the year — and arguably the most esteemed golf tournament in all the land — would be wise to avoid engaging in such ridiculous antics as shouting “Get in the hole!” (on a tee shot on a par-4, no less) and other such nonsense if they would like to attend the Masters next year and beyond.