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Anonymous Phillies player: Gabe Kapler needs ‘to get out of the way’

Gabe Kapler’s first week as manager of the Philadelphia Phillies has been a bumpy one, to put it mildly. In fact, it could be reasonably referred to as an unmitigated disaster, on a few fronts. And now, to add insult to injury, an anonymous player has been chirping to the media about how the rookie skipper needs to “get out of the way.”

Kapler without question has made some questionable managerial decisions while leading the Phillies to a 1-4 record, including one that prompted a warning from Major League Baseball.

Kapler to his credit took ownership of his gaffes, which have included dreadful mismanagement of the bullpen.

“My job is to stand up and be accountable for any of those mistakes and explain why I make the moves I make, and that’s an important [lesson] from the first three days,” Kapler said last week. “There’s been some difficult moments, and there’s also been a lot of opportunities to learn.”

Despite placing the blame squarely upon himself, Kapler nevertheless has at least one malcontent in the clubhouse.

“The Phillies’ 1-4 start isn’t determinative, of course, as 97 percent of the season is yet to be played,” writes Jon Heyman on FanRag. “But there are signs that some – even team members — are having their early doubts.

“‘We’ll be OK … We just need the manager to get out of the way,’ one Phillies player asserted of their obviously improved team, and just as obviously unproven manager.”

The notion that a player is already griping about Kapler certainly spells trouble, although not something the Phillies — and their first-year manager — cannot overcome. Still, this is happening only five games into the season. Suffice to say, not a good look whatsoever.