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Stephanie McMahon chokeslams Ronda Rousey through table (vid)

The WWE is pulling out all the stops ahead of Wrestlemania 34 to make sure Ronda Rousey becomes a full-fledged phenomenon. And is there any better way to do it in quintessential professional wrestling fashion than by having Stephanie McMahon chokeslam her through a table?

An in-ring press conference during Monday’s edition of “Raw” was used to promote Sunday’s showcase tag-team bout in New Orleans between the Rousey-Kurt Angle duo and “The Authority,” otherwise known as Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, set the scene.

McMahon came to Triple H’s “rescue” after Rousey got aggressive and proceeded to drive the former UFC champ through a table.

As noted in WWE’s tweet, what goes around indeed comes around, as revenge was exacted by the chokeslam. When Rousey officially signed her WWE contract in February at Elimination Chamber, she put on a show by chokeslamming Triple H through a table.

Suffice to say, the WWE knows full well that Rousey is a huge draw. And with that buildup, it’s clear that Wrestlemania 34 is going to be a real humdinger of a pro wrestling spectacle.