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Report: Masters patrons who yell ‘dilly dilly’ will be ‘removed’ immediately

It’s not uncommon, sadly, to hear patrons at golf tournaments holler something absurd after a shot is struck. “Mashed potatoes,” “Get in the hole” (on a par-4 tee shot, no less) and other such inane chatter is rampant. But for patrons attending the Masters this week, uttering one such phrase, among others, while enjoying a pimento cheese sandwich reportedly will result in being “removed” immediately.

Bunkered editor Bryce Ritchie reports that shouting “Dilly Dilly” — a phrase popularized in Bud Light commercials — will result in an immediate ejection from the hallowed grounds of Augusta National Golf Club.

Bunkered added in its report how there have been several high-profile incidents involving golfers, including Justin Thomas, Sergio Garcia and Rory McIlroy, having patrons ejected recently for engaging in such behavior like yelling inane things and heckling.

The Masters of course holds an esteemed position within the hierarchy of golf tournaments, including the other three majors. Such antics are hardly tolerated at Augusta National as a rule. But it’s interesting how there is actually a sheet that lists prohibited exclamations and the like.