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LeBron James points out son needs to display better sportsmanship (vid)

LeBron James’ 13-year-old son LeBron James Jr. (a/k/a Bronny) is without question an incredibly talented young basketball player. While it’s hardly surprising that Bronny has demonstrated on-court skills well beyond his years given his lineage, his father recently did take issue over what was perceived as a lack of sportsmanship during a recent game.

Bronny showcased his magnificent handles when an opponent played some press defense in the backcourt, dropping the kid with a killer crossover. The elder James, while noting the player was kind of asking for it by playing in such a manner, nevertheless pointed out to Bronny in an Instagram post of play that “We practice sportsmanship in this house.”

Bronny has long been a basketball prodigy, as evidenced by the abundance of highlight videos on the Internet that go back years. James once said he’s not inclined to coach his sons anytime soon. But it is nice to see that the King wants to see more out of his son, especially when it comes to sportsmanship.