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Gordon Hayward shown running in rehabilitation video update

Gordon Hayward continues to make progress in his recovery from a devastating ankle injury suffered in the first game of season. On Monday yet another encouraging update surfaced thanks to a video posted to Twitter by The Players’ Tribune in which Hayward is shown running on the court.

While Hayward running of course is a welcome development, it should hardly change the outlook that the 28-year-old won’t be suiting up with the Celtics until next fall. One of the most recent updates on Hayward’s rehab came from Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge, who stated a few weeks ago that Hayward had suffered a setback in his recovery as a result of “progressing a little too fast.”

Ainge did come out later to clarify exactly when he meant with the setback comments. Although Ainge had also previously dismissed any chance of Hayward returning this season as well.

The entire Celtics organization seems to be taking the same approach, as head coach Brad Stevens similarly pumped the brakes on the notion Hayward could return this season all the way back in January.

The Celtics of course would be wise to take the safest and most conservative approach possible when dealing with Hayward. After all, it was only Oct. 17 that Hayward suffered as dislocated ankle and fractured tibia in a gruesome scene.

And with only six games remaining in the Celtics’ season, the fact Hayward is only running at this stage, while a positive, makes it clear he’s nowhere close to being ready to rejoin the team.