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Jeff Hornacek believes triangle offense ‘probably’ deterred free agents

It’s no secret that the New York Knicks struggled to implement the Triangle offense in the Phil Jackson era. So much so that the Knicks abandoned the entire offense prior to the start of this season.

The change in offense was also following a very quiet offseason for the Knicks; not to mention this was one of the wildest NBA offseasons in recent memory. So, when one of the most valuable NBA franchises are not involved, there has to be a change.

Per ESPN, Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek believes the struggles in the Triangle is why the Knicks could not attract free agents.

“I think it probably was,” Hornacek said when asked if the triangle was a “hang-up” for potential free agents last summer. “I think we truly believed that we could blend it [into Hornaceks preferred offense]. And we found out that probably wasn’t great.”

The Knicks finished the 2016-17 season ranked 19th in the NBA in points per game. With the change in offense this season and the loss of Kristaps Porzingis — the Knicks remain 18th in the NBA in points per game this season.