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Robin Lopez reflects on epic meltdown, ejection (vids)

Robin Lopez on Thursday night suffered a meltdown for the ages during the shorthanded Chicago Bulls’ 103-92 loss to the Miami Heat, ultimately being tossed from the game. And the Bulls big man’s antics made for quite the spectacle.

Lopez was ejected with 8:43 remaining in the fourth quarter after picking up two quick technical fouls. He later had to be escorted back to the locker room after refusing to leave the Bulls’ bench at AmericanAirlines Arena, but not before some choice words for official Rodney Mott.

As “Hit the Road Jack” played on the arena’s speakers as Heat fans got in on the action, Lopez was not about to go quietly.

Goodness. Thankfully, there were no mascots around. For obvious reasons. And hey, at least Lopez was able to high-five a young fan on his way out.

After some much-needed time to cool down, Lopez reflected upon his histrionics on the court.

“So I thought the first one was warranted,’’ Lopez said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “I got my money’s worth on that one on the first technical. The second one, I was venting and walking off the floor, so I’m not sure it was quite as warranted. But I’m sure Rodney [Mott] wanted to grab the game by the horns and wrestle control back toward the officials.’’

Lopez was asked what was the impetus behind his refusal to leave the court in a timely manner.

“I understand that I should’ve left the court in a little more hasty manner,’’ Lopez said. “I’m trying to get a word in edgewise. I feel like the refs always end up with the last say in that situation.’’

It’s been a long, trying and frustration season for the Bulls. At 24-51 with seven straight losses, the end cannot come soon enough. Clearly that’s the case for Lopez.