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Detroit Tigers adding bullpen carts at Comerica Park

The Arizona Diamondbacks appear to have started a trend ahead of the 2018 MLB season and now the Detroit Tigers will follow suit.’s Jason Beck reported Friday morning that the Tigers will make bullpen carts available to relief pitchers at Comerica Park.

The Tigers have confirmed the plan to add bullpen carts, per a Detroit Free-Press report. The cart would be available to both the Tigers and visiting teams and will transport pitchers from the respective bullpens to the mound. MLB rules dictate that a bullpen cart must be made available for both the home and visiting teams. The carts cannot be used to allow pitchers additional warm-up time as well.

The Tigers added further details, including sponsorship arrangements, will be forthcoming.

It has been over two decades since a team last used a bullpen cart, when the Milwaukee Brewers stopped using a version — a Harley-Davidson outfitted with a sidecar — in 1995.

Interestingly, the Diamondbacks’ bullpen cart had an inauspicious debut on Opening Day, as not one of the five relief pitchers the D-Backs used in Thursday’s 8-2 win over the Colorado Rockies at Chase Field utilized it.

Sad, indeed.