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Mike Tomlin pays couple’s dinner tab while in Louisville on scouting trip

Mike Tomlin led a Pittsburgh Steelers delegation to Louisville, Ky., to attend the Cardinals pro day on Thursday. And the Steelers head coach left a very good impression with a couple who was dining at a table next to him at an area restaurant Wednesday night by picking up their dinner tab.

Tomlin’s dinner outing was at Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse and Raw Bar. When the two people seated next to him at the restaurant asked for their bill, the server instead brought them the following note reading, “The table next to you paid for your meal. Give them a thanks!”

Keisha Moore, who was dining with a companion, also posted a message on her Facebook which read, “Thanks, Mike! That was good looking. I’m officially a Steelers fan.”

On the football front, it would appear Tomlin took a keen interest in Lamar Jackson at Louisville’s pro day.

Perhaps Tomlin was heeding the advice passed along by the restaurant in their Facebook post. It’s possible. Okay, probably not. Tomlin doesn’t really seem like an avid consumer of social media.