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Artist who created creepy Cristiano Ronaldo bust gets shot at redemption (pic)

Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of when the creepy Cristiano Ronaldo bust was unleashed upon the masses, inspiring worldwide mockery and ridicule.

Emanuel Santos, the sculptor behind the disturbing Ronaldo bust, was given a shot at redemption by Bleacher Report. Surprisingly, he accepted.

A 10-minute mini-documentary directed by Kelly Naqui  was filmed to allow Santos to defend his much-maligned, original effort at reproducing Ronaldo in sculpture form — and the fallout from it.

“The first Ronaldo bust, if I hadn’t done it the way I did, it would’ve already been forgotten a long time ago,” Santos said, as transcribed by Deadspin. “So, sometimes it’s necessary to have a certain bravery to go against the usual and have an impact. Because even though there are people who mock and make negative comments, there are still many people who value it.”

And how did Santos fare on his second attempt?

Much, much better.