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Jerry Jones: No regrets over fallout from Roger Goodell standoff

Jerry Jones indicated this week that he has no regrets over battling the NFL and Roger Goodell last season despite the result of having to “pay the fiddler” due to his conduct.

The Dallas Cowboys owner all but waged war on Goodell last season on two fronts. First, Jones was unhappy with the NFL commissioner over the handling of the Ezekiel Elliott suspension saga, a protracted legal battle that ultimately resulted in the Cowboys running back sitting out six games.

Jones also appeared to be the lone holdout among NFL owners over Goodell’s contract extension. Ultimately, Goodell received his very lucrative extension. But the fallout from Jones’ aggressive stance — along with his comments on the Elliott suspension — resulted in the league assessing him an approximately $2 million penalty as reimbursement to his fellow owners for legal fees incurred over the battle.

“When you get pretty supportive then you run or get a chance to pay the fiddler,” Jones said of the fine Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings in Orlando, Fla., via ESPN. “I have understood that. The commissioner has that power.”

It would appear that Jones and Goodell have moved on from the standoff and will let bygones be bygones.

“We’ve had some great conversations,” Jones said of his interactions with Goodell at this week’s meetings, via SportsDay. “We’ve really had some good conversations. We’ve had a lot of varied topics, but we had some real good conversations and of course we had an extensive meeting regarding his issues yesterday.

“Those were very satisfactory.”

Jones has fostered a reputation of being a lone wolf among his fellow owners, never afraid to go against the grain when he feels it necessary. That said, Jones — given his comments this week — appears to understand the costs of doing business in such a manner. And with the battle over, it’s simply time to move on, both with the NFL as well as Goodell.