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Mike Tomlin not a fan of TD celebrations, thinks ‘it takes away from the game’

Mike Tomlin is an old-school coach so perhaps it should not be all that surprising he’s not a huge fan of touchdown celebrations.

“It’s for the entertainment of the fans so I respect it on that level, but personally I don’t like it,” Tomlin said Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings, via ESPN. “I just think it takes away from the game. It’s not a good look for young people. Young people aren’t allowed to celebrate in that way [during games], so why should we?”

Given how his Pittsburgh Steelers squad were involved in many of the more creative group celebrations last season, Tomlin bemoaning them certainly is intriguing.

In fact, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has been targeted on a few occasions during his career for running afoul of the NFL’s previously draconian policy against celebrations. With that in mind, the notion that Brown was quite pleased with the league’s decision last offseason to relax rules concerning post-touchdown routines from players made sense.

That said, it’s not like Tomlin was taking any time to observe Steelers players engaging in heavily orchestrated touchdown celebrations anyway.

“I’m preparing, I’m moving on, to be honest with you,” Tomlin said. “I don’t even see them. I see them on television. In game, you’re moving on.”

Enhanced touchdown celebrations were warmly received by fans and the like last season. It would seem Tomlin, despite his antagonistic views, has accepted that said post-TD antics are here to stay.