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Jon Gruden ‘surprised’ over Colin Kaepernick remaining unsigned

Colin Kaepernick last played in an NFL game in 2016 before sitting out the entirety of the 2017 season after failing to attract interest as a free agent. Myriad theories have been forwarded as to why Kaepernick cannot land an NFL job, but most point to the quarterback’s social activism and how he inspired the national anthem protest movement as the causes. Such distractions, it is said, prompt Kaepernick to be viewed unfavorably by NFL teams as a potential signing.

New Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden, however, still is at a loss over how Kaepernick remains unsigned. Although Gruden suggests Kaepernick will land somewhere soon.

“I think there’s a lot of intrigue there,” Gruden said Tuesday at the NFL coaches breakfast, via ESPN. “His performance on the field wasn’t very good, on tape. I think, Robert Griffin, a rookie of the year, surprised he’s out there. Tim Tebow takes a team to the playoffs, there’s some surprise that he never came back. You know, Johnny Manziel, he’s out there.

“Back to Kaepernick, he got beat out by [Blaine] Gabbert to start the [2016] season. I think that says something. [But] I am surprised he’s not in camp with somebody. He probably will be soon.”

Kaepernick of course filed a lawsuit against the NFL, alleging collusion by team owners as the reason he can’t find NFL work, and the legal process remains ongoing on that front. Roger Goodell has since refuted Kaepernick’s claim and it remains to be seen how the latter’s lawsuit will play out when it’s all said and done.

Gruden’s observations, however curious and arguably spurious — especially how he compares Kaepernick to RG3, Tebow and Manziel, not to mention the questionable Gabbert comment — nevertheless exhibit how Kaepernick’s continued unemployment remains a major topic of discussion in the NFL.