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Ex-NFLer Percy Harvin being recruited by flag football league

Well, it looks like Percy Harvin could give another go at a football career, but in a flag football league.

Harvin retired from the NFL last year due to excessive injuries. The interest comes from Harvin’s former college coach Danny Wuerffel, who is coaching the team. Harvin and Wuerffel enjoyed on-the-field success back in college, so a reunion could fit nicely.

As for the flag football league itself, it is not a pushover. Former NFL stars like Michael Vick, Chad Ochocinco and Justin Forsett will be playing. Furthermore, former NBA stars Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson also will be playing. Even former Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson will be playing in the tournament. Not to mention the grand prize for the event is $1 million.

This event is not exactly the friendly flag football game you play in a backyard. The concept is similar to the idea of the BIG3 league for former NBA players. Percy Harvin is still 29 years old, which is on the young side for athletes. There’s no indication Harvin would be using the league as a vehicle to make an NFL comeback, but it would be a great start if that is his end goal.