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Steven Adams says he prefers animals to humans during zoo visit (pics)

Steven Adams without question boasts one of the more eccentric personalities in the NBA, something that endears him to a lot of fans. So it should not be necessarily surprising the Oklahoma City Thunder big man made something of a profound statement during the team’s visit this week to the OKC Zoo.

Sporting a shirt that bestowed upon him the moniker of zoo “Ambassador,” Adams clearly enjoyed the Thunder’s zoo outing. What’s more, here’s what Adams had to say about his interactions with the denizens that occupy the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden.

The notion that Adams actually prefers the company of animals as opposed to his fellow humans actually makes a lot of sense, in light of what we know about the charismatic New Zealander. And photographs from Adams’ day at the zoo certainly confirm his friendliest of friendly disposition to myriad animal species.

Fantastic. Let’s just say a wildlife show starring one Steven Adams would qualify as must-see television.

That said, Adams did take the time to interact with some little humans while imparting sage advice in the process.

Remember, though, the most important thing to glean from this outing about Adams: Animals? Awesome. Humans? Meh.