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Twitter reacts to Jason Pierre-Paul trade to Bucs with fireworks jokes

Jason Pierre-Paul on Thursday was reportedly traded by the New York Giants to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in another seismic move in what has been a very eventful NFL offseason. Perhaps not surprisingly in light of Pierre-Paul’s tumultuous past related to one particular harrowing incident, wisenheimers on Twitter came with the snark.

The terms of the blockbuster trade are as follows, per ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter.

Pierre-Paul of course suffered a traumatic injury to his hand in a Fourth of July fireworks accident in 2015 that resulted in having his right index finger and parts of two others amputated. It should not be shocking given the sensational nature of the incident that folks used it as comedic fodder in light of the trade.

While many took a more pragmatic approach to breaking down the trade by analyzing the nuts and bolts of the deal, here are the most crude efforts at humor from Twitter to make light of Pierre-Paul’s traumatic injury, as compiled by

And there you have it. Social media: Where it’s always Open Mic Night.