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PETA rips Martin Perez over slaughtering of bull that caused injury

Texas Rangers pitcher Martin Perez has run afoul of PETA over how he recently relayed how the bull that caused him to break his elbow this past offseason had been slaughtered.

In a press release titled “Perez slammed for vengeful killing of bull,” PETA lambasted the Rangers pitcher while also suggesting he go vegan, which evidently was reinforced with samples of vegan treats.

“We hope that upon reflection, you’ll feel that making a show of eating him was not only a cruel thing to do but also an unjustifiable, vengeful act that makes you look small,” the release read, via SportsDay. “Obviously, you can’t bring this magnificent being back to life, but you could do something that would actually benefit you as well as other bulls … [by] changing up your diet.”

The situation all started on Sunday when Perez recalled the incident at his ranch in Venezuela, bluntly stating of the bull, “I killed him and I ate him.”

“What happened?” Perez said of the December incident. “I knew you guys were going to ask me that. I have horses and cows on my ranch. My guys were working with the cows, and I was sitting on a fence. My brother said something and I looked back at him.

“Then I heard, ‘Watch out!’ I turned, and a bull was coming at me. I fell. I was trying to fall on my feet, and I landed on my elbow.”

Perez then relayed the fate, in no uncertain terms, the bull’s ultimate fate.

“It was good meat,” Perez said. “No more bull.”

In a letter passed along to Perez from Andrew Bernstein, PETA’s senior manager of communications, it’s noted that the organization is sending the pitcher a “basket of delicious vegan treats for you to enjoy, and we hope you’ll take this opportunity to make a change.”

Odds are Perez will stick to beef, despite PETA’s best efforts.