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Young Oilers fan sends adorable birthday party invitation to Connor McDavid (pic)

A young Edmonton Oilers fan took the time to pen a handwritten letter to Connor McDavid inviting the superstar to his upcoming 10th birthday party.

Nine-year-old Alex checks all the requisite boxes to write an appropriate party invitation: Time, date, RSVP contact number, etc. He also adds that McDavid doesn’t have to attend the sleepover the following day. Not only that, a game of street hockey is on the itinerary, so Alex suggests McDavid bring along some teammates, perhaps a “tough guy” would be in order..

The letter reads:

“Can you come to my birthday party. I will be turning ten on July 6th 11:00am – 5:00 pm. The next day you don’t have to sleep over. I saw the video of when the teenagers were being rude to you when you were trying to leave the restaurant with your parents so your invited to my birthday party. We will be having a street hockey game so you might want to bring Darnel Nurse for defense and a tough guy like Zack Kassian or Jujhar Khaira. If you need any more details here my number for my house.”

It’s awesome how Alex notes how McDavid was heckled by fans earlier this season and that inspired him to invite the NHL star to his party. So, in a way, could it be inferred that Alex was compelled to write to McDavid out of pity? Like it’s a sympathy invite?

Either way, let’s hope McDavid can somehow make it to Alex’s birthday party. Or, if not, perhaps the 21-year-old superstar could send the little guy a nice gift.