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Broncos GM John Elway: Case Keenum was ‘our target’ all along

Denver Broncos general manager and executive vice president of football operations John Elway on Friday confirmed a previous report indicating that Case Keenum — not Kirk Cousins or any other quarterback — was “our target” all along.

Quite frankly, though, what else would one expect Elway to say?

Keenum, fresh off signing a two-year, $36 million contract Thursday, was officially introduced by the Broncos on Friday. The quarterback indicated he favored the Broncos in the same way they targeted him.

“We didn’t wait around, we made it happen,” Keenum said, via ESPN. “Denver was No. 1 on my list too.”

Elway, meanwhile, said the Broncos “wanted to get on it as quickly as we could,” when explaining how the team quickly set its sights on Keenum.

“We looked at everybody, we went through the whole process … we did as much digging as we could possibly do, found out about them as people, also mentality, when we came out of all that, and all of the homework that we did, Case was our guy,” Elway said. “(We) figured there’s a special fit for everybody and obviously all those other quarterbacks available are good players, but we thought the year Case had last year, what he’s been through, where he’s been, his mentality … the year that he had last year it’s arguable even though Kirk got a lot of the hoopla, Case had the best year.”

The Broncos reportedly were all in on pursuing Cousins, who agreed to a three-year, $84 million deal with the Minnesota Vikings. It would appear, at least given Elway’s comments, that was not necessarily accurate.

Either way, given that Cousins was extremely unlikely to join the Broncos in the first place, Denver deserves credit for moving swiftly on Keenum, regardless of whether or not he was in fact their top choice.

“We’re real excited about that Case is here,” said Elway. “We talked about it after the season that we need to upgrade at that position and we got our guy. The guy who was our target … with everything we look at it all came out Case.”