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Blazers fans launch GoFundMe page to fund LeBron James billboard (pic)

The current trend in anticipation of LeBron James’ presumed free agency this summer is for fans or businesses from NBA towns putting up billboards in a bid to recruit the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar. Now a contingent of Portland Trail Blazers fans have joined the movement.

James is widely expected to hit free agency after the season by exercising the player option in his current contract with the Cavs. So, should Portland be considered a legitimate landing spot for King James? These Blazers fans sure seem to believe that’s the case.

Her’s part of their pitch, via GoFundMe.

Recently, we sent out a tweet asking our followers to back an idea we had for a billboard inviting NBA basketball player LeBron James to be Damian Lillard’s 3rd option on  the Portland Trail Blazers. 


This summer LeBron James enters free agency and we think he’d make a great addition to the team. You might be saying, but don’t the Blazers already have the amazing CJ McColloum and the Bosnian Beast? Yes, they do, but you can’t deny LeBron would be an irreplaceable asset as Dame’s 3rd option.

Perhaps what helped inspire these Blazers fans to initiate the LeBron-to-Portland movement is what James had to say about Lillard before his Cavs squad fell to the Blazers Thursday by a score of 113-105.

High praise, indeed. And here’s the fans’ proposed billboard.

The GoFundMe page sets the fundraising goal for $2,000. As of Friday morning, almost $600 has been raised.

While their efforts are to be commended, it may be all for naught. As James has mentioned in recent weeks as the billboard recruiting craze has escalated, he won’t to allow such efforts to sway him if and when his free agency arrives.