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Adam Silver updates progress of NBA’s 1-16 playoff seeding proposal

NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently espoused upon how seeding the playoffs in a 1-16 format, regardless of conference, could be in the offing. More than that, Silver suggested the NBA was giving “serious attention” to altering the current postseason format in such a manner.

However, it would appear that despite Silver’s advocating for such a format, such a monumental change is not close to being realized.

“We’re not ready to make a change yet,” Silver said during an appearance Thursday night on the Denver Nuggets radio network, via Sam Amico.

Silver, perhaps one of the more open-minded commissioners in professional sports, nevertheless insisted the league will continue to research how to make it work, citing geographical issues and the resulting travel toll on teams currently sit as roadblocks.

“We’re serious about looking at it. We’re far from a place where there’s a solution,” Silver said. “Of course it makes sense to seed teams 1-16 in the league but we have two conferences that are geographically apart.

“… You can also end up in the first round with Portland playing Miami. To crisscross the country it adds enormous fatigue to the players and it would cut down on the quality of the competition and also potentially lead to more injuries.”

Silver and the league presumably will continue to push for a change to the postseason format, as it’s clear the belief is it would improve the playoff product. Although it’s clear there are numerous logistical issues confronting the NBA in an effort for the proposed concept to come to fruition, as Silver himself readily admits.