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Drew Brees declines to divulge how long he intends to play

Drew Brees on Wednesday declined to reveal how long he intends to keep playing football after agreeing Tuesday to a two-year deal with the New Orleans Saints. Although the 39-year-old signal-caller did hint to having a plan in mind.

“Listen, just take it one year at a time, but I do have a goal, I do have a vision,” Brees said during a teleconference with reporters, as transcribed by The Times-Picayune. “I’m not going to share it with you guys, sorry, but I do have a goal and a vision for where my career is going to go and how long it’s going to last. I’m very, very focused on each year, one at a time.”

Brees and the Saints on Tuesday put the finishing touches on a two-year $50 million deal, which includes $27 million guaranteed. As far as it pertains to Brees’ future beyond next season, the contract is actually a one-year deal with a team option that also includes a no-trade clause.

While admitting that the negotiations were “just a little bit stressful,” Brees — as he stated throughout the offseason — always remained confident a contract eventually would get hammered out.

“Just a matter of coming together and getting a deal done,” Brees said.

Discussing his new deal on Tuesday, Brees pointed out how the contract gives the Saints “flexibility” to “build a championship team.” Brees interestingly added how the deal put the Saints in the “best position to succeed in the near future,” perhaps hinting that the two years outlined in the contract could conceivably be his last ahead of retirement.

Brees reiterated that same sentiment in comments made Wednesday.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity, again, and the near future with our team,” Brees said.

Brees reportedly gave the Saints the proverbial hometown discount, in a manner of speaking, to remain with New Orleans. All signs of course point to Brees finishing his Hall of Fame career with the Saints. If not after this coming season, then perhaps following the next one. Beyond that? It’s anyone’s guess … although Brees seems to have an idea.