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New rumors surface about J.R. Smith’s soup-throwing incident

The J.R. Smith soup-throwing saga has taken another turn with rumors surfacing that help explain in part the Cleveland Cavaliers star’s sour disposition at the time of the incident.

Smith was suspended earlier this month for one game due to conduct detrimental to the team. It was later learned the suspension stemmed from Smith throwing soup at Cavs assistant coach Damon Jones.

What’s interesting, according to recent comments on the incident from ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, is that Smith and Jones typically enjoy a jocular relationship by most accounts. But Shelburne has heard Smith was not interested in clowning around with Jones on the day in question.

“I don’t know the whole story,” Shelburne relayed recently on ESPN Radio, as transcribed by Pro Basketball Talk. “The version of what I had heard with J.R. was he and Damon have sort of a playful, joking, make-fun-of-each-other relationship.

“I wasn’t there, so I don’t want to say this is totally accurate. But this is the version I’ve heard, is that sometimes a joke isn’t so funny if you’re not in the right mood for it, right? When someone is messing with you, you’re just not in the place to take that or do that, and it doesn’t go over right. And I think that’s what kind of led to this soup-gate thing.

“He’s got a young baby at home. He’s dealing with a lot of stuff personally. Obviously, there’s frustration from shooting whatever he’s shooting at this point. It’s right around 30% from the field, not so great. There’s a lot of that.”

While Smith has every right to suffer through a bad day now and then, it’s obviously not acceptable to throw a bowl of soup at someone else because of it.

Smith did not have much to say in the aftermath of the soup-throwing situation. And claimed to not “even remember” what kind of soup was thrown. But for those out of the loop just dying to know what kind of soup Smith through at Jones?

Inquiring minds want to know.