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Giancarlo Stanton reacts to Aaron Judge’s thoughts on Home Run Derby

Aaron Judge earlier this week expressed little desire to compete in another Home Run Derby, despite being the reigning champion. Giancarlo Stanton understands completely and supports his New York Yankees teammate’s decision.

“He should do whatever he wants. He shouldn’t have to be pressured into doing it if he doesn’t want to. He’s got plenty of years to do it also,” Stanton said Thursday, via

Stanton was knocked out of last year’s All-Star showcase by new Yankees teammate Gary Sanchez. Judge of course would go on to win with a dazzling display of power at Marlins Park. The slugger previously won the Home Run Derby in 2016 as a member of the Marlins.

“Sometimes people forget about the marathon of the season,” Stanton said. “That would be our one little day off if you’re an All-Star.”

Stanton was asked if he plans on competing this summer in the Derby, which will be held at Nationals Park.

“Depends on how your body feels at that moment,” Stanton said. “You can’t really predict now if you’re going to do it since you’re usually asked two weeks ahead of time and you’ve got a pretty good idea if you need the blow or if you go out there.”

Despite Judge’s best efforts to dismiss the notion his participation in the Derby may have contributed to a shoulder injury last season that necessitated offseason surgery, it cannot be ruled out.

Stanton and Judge may be one of the most formidable duo of power hitters in one lineup in recent history. The two have already been blowing people’s minds with their moon shots during batting practice at spring training. While it would be great to see Judge and/or Stanton showcasing their skills in the Derby, watching them during real games perhaps has just as much appeal.