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Dennis Rodman praises Donald Trump for decision to meet with Kim Jong Un

The surprising and significant news out of Washington D.C. on Thursday that President Donald Trump has agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has received the stamp of approval from none other than … Dennis Rodman.

The White House announced that details are being ironed out for the meeting which is tentatively scheduled for May.

And the news greatly pleases Rodman.

“Well done President Trump,” Rodman told The Washington Post via a statement issued through his agent. “You’re on the way to a historical meeting no U.S. president has ever done. I’m looking forward to bringing more basketball diplomacy to North Korea in the upcoming months. Please send my regards to Marshall [sic] Kim Jong-un and his family.”

Rodman of course has made many high-profile trips to North Korea in recent years, even meeting with the isolated country’s leader. The former NBA star referred to his visits as “basketball diplomacy” despite being roundly condemned for the appearance of humanizing the dictator.

Rodman has long insisted he’s not a true diplomat in any sense.

“Well that’s not my purpose right now,” Rodman said last June about his most recent trip to North Korea. “My purpose is to go over there and try to see if I can keep bringing sports to North Korea.”

Rodman of course played a starring role in the eighth season of Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” reality show, which aired in 2009. The two have butted heads in the past concerning Rodman’s “basketball diplomacy” in North Korea. But it would seem the two are seeing a little more eye-to-eye on the issue now.