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Tom Brady: Super Bowl loss taught ‘great lesson’ to his children

Tom Brady, although obviously disappointed himself over how the New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, realized afterward that his children — 8-year-old son, Benjamin, and 5-year-old daughter, Vivian — could learn a “great lesson” from the experience.

The revelation that a teachable moment could be gleaned from the profound disappointment is featured in a clip from Brady’s Facebook series, “Tom vs. Time.” The footage was shared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” as a prelude to Brady’s scheduled appearance on the morning news show next week.

Brady notes how it “was the first time that I’d seen my kids really react in that way.”

“Benny was crying, Vivi was crying and they were sad for me and sad for the Patriots,” Brady said. “But I just said to them, ‘Look, you guys, this is a great lesson. We don’t always win. We try our best and sometimes it doesn’t go the way we want.'”

Interestingly, Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen shared similar sentiments in the wake of the Patriots’ upset loss last month.

Bundchen told the children while consoling them after the game that, among other things, “You have to let someone else win sometimes.’’

The supermodel also took to social media to congratulate the Eagles on the organization’s first Super Bowl title, sharing an image of the family consoling Brady after the loss.

It certainly would appear Brady and Bundchen are on the same page when it comes to imparting hard-learned lessons onto their children.