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Fan puts up billboards in L.A. recruiting LeBron James to Lakers (pic)

Look out Philadelphia: Another huge NBA market is now relying upon billboards to recruit LeBron James, a potential free agent following the season.

Longtime Los Angeles Lakers season ticket holder Jacob Emrani is behind the four planned billboards in the L.A. area attempting to woo James.

Two went up Wednesday morning — one in Westwood and the other on the 710 freeway, via ESPN. They all have the hashtag #LABron on them. One also says “Cleveland & Philly, You Can’t Compete with L.A.” with a No. 23 jersey in purple accompanied by a gold crown. Another says “FORGET THE PROCESS, WE WIN BANNERS!”

The timing of the billboard pitch is apropos as the Cleveland Cavaliers make their only trip of the season to L.A. this week, with games against the Clippers and Lakers on Friday and Sunday, respectively.

“One of [the billboards] is shooting back at both Philly and Cleveland regarding the fact that they can’t compete with L.A.,” Emrani told ESPN. “… We don’t need a ‘Process.’ In L.A., we win banners dude.”

“Stop spending your money,” Emrani added of Sixers fans. “Philly feels like they can convince him to come and complete a startup. We are not about startups here. They got a startup over there. We got legacy here.”

Ermani added this is only the first part of the plan to recruit of James … and perhaps other free agents.

“This is a first. If this goes well, I’m planning to do the same thing for Paul George sometime down the road,” Emrani said. “What I am hoping to accomplish is for LeBron to know how badly he is wanted here. … This is going to be the best situation here. We bring him the weather, we bring him his two houses, all of his business partners are out here. His future.”

Ermani’s pursuit of James is arguably a noble one, it may prove ineffective. James, despite saying the billboards in Cleveland were “very flattering,” he made it clear such gestures will have little impact if he does indeed become a free agent this summer.