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Eli Manning responds to wedding invitation from Giants fan (pic)

Eli Manning recently took the time to RSVP to an invitation to the wedding of a New York Giants fan. Unfortunately, for said fan, Manning sent his regrets that he would not be able to attend. The soon-to-be groom, however, got a pretty awesome keepsake out of the deal.

The response from Manning, originally posted on reddit, includes the Giants signal-caller checking the box for “Declines With Regret.”

My friend invited Eli to his wedding on a whim and he actually responded! from r/NYGiants

“I am sorry that I will not be able to attend, I wish you much happiness,” Manning adds, along with his signature.

The details behind the invitation and Manning’s response are chronicled in the reddit post.

“Just like me, my buddy is a huge Giants fan. He’s getting married in a few weeks and he decided to write Eli a two page hand written letter inviting him,” the fan wrote. “None of us actually expected him to respond but we should have known better. What an absolute class act. Completely made my friends day and he’s on his way to frame it right now.”

These kind of stories related to a big name in sports taking a moment to respond to an invitation of some sort crop up from time to time, one even involving Manning’s own brother, among others. But it’s nevertheless a cool story every time.