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Draymond Green praises LeBron James for inspirational business acumen

LeBron James without question is among the most marketable professional athletes on the planet. But it’s how James changed the game when it comes to how athletes approach endorsements and other business investments that has most impressed pal Draymond Green.

The Golden State Warriors superstar, in a broader discussion with GQ about his new partnership with a national fitness center, praised James for how heavily involved the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is in his off-the-court business interests.

“You have to give a lot of credit to LeBron. LeBron did a great job managing his business with his partners,” Green told Nathaniel Friedman. “I either read it or I saw him speaking about it … he started to view himself as a partner, not someone who just had an endorsement deal. And I think a lot of athletes have started to take that back. Guys are much more educated, much smarter in the business field and most importantly, guys understand the leverage that we have and the platform that we have as athletes and are trying to take advantage of that.”

James of course has cast his net far and wide when it comes to his non-basketball business pursuits. James of course over the past handful of years has been making considerable inroads in Hollywood with his production company SpringHill Entertainment, which he runs alongside longtime business partner Maverick Carter.

James also has invested in burgeoning pizza chain and also is among the top investors in Uninterrupted, an athlete-centric media company.

And then there’s his many endorsement partnerships, through which earns James more money than he makes on the court.

That said, Green clearly feels James serves as one who other athletes should emulate when seeking to expand their business/investment portfolio. And Green makes the point that as far as African-American athletes are concerned, it’s critical for them to expand their influence within the business world.

“With where we are today, with the social climate, with the political climate, I think it’s important more and more to have black-owned businesses,” Green said.