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Bat believed to have been used by Babe Ruth on ‘Called Shot’ HR up for auction

While its authenticity is a matter of some dispute, the bat believed to have been used by Babe Ruth to hit his iconic “Called Shot” home run is up for auction.

The mythological “Called Shot” of course stems from when Ruth allegedly called his home run off Chicago Cubs pitcher Charlie Root in the fifth inning of Game 3 of the 1932 World Series. The legend says the Sultan of Swat pointed the bat at center field before launching a bomb that traveled an estimated 440 feet.


As noted above, the bat available may or may not be the real deal, but “this one makes a pretty compelling case,” per the listing on Lelands.

This bat was made in 1932 and matches to his order on 4-18-32, and a photo of the called shot shows Ruth using a 1932 bat, so it stands to reason this could be the one given his penchant for retaining preferred bats and the corresponding order. Further evidence comes in the form of a carved, vintage arrow pointing to the deepest, hardest hit ball mark on the barrel of the bat. Ruth is known for the unique habit of making notches on his bats denoting important home runs, so this arrow could be pointing, like Ruth’s called shot itself, to a home run of particular significance.

Those with the means to make bids on such a pricey item should be aware that the winner of the auction will also receive a “comprehensive, 14-page PSA report and LOA.”

“It’s ironic, with the many iconic bats of Ruth, several of which represent notable home runs, held today at the Hall of Fame and in private collections, the ‘Called Shot’ did not find a home,” the report reads. “We think it did, inadvertently.”

The listing had a starting bid of $100,000. As of Friday afternoon, there has been five bids on arguably one of the most iconic pieces of memorabilia in baseball history — if it is in fact the bat Ruth actually used — with the most recent offering of $146,410 coming from a private bidder. The auction ends later this month.