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LeBron James admires ‘swag’ of James Harden’s slick 3-pointer (vid)

Count LeBron James among those who were left mightily impressed with a play from James Harden Wednesday night that whipped the Internet up into a frenzy.

Harden made the play of the night — if not the week or month — when he victimized Wesley Johnson during the first quarter of the Houston Rockets’ 105-92 win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

After dropping Johnson with a filthy crossover, Harden stepped back behind the three-point line … and took a moment to stare down his victim before drilling the triple.

Adding insult to injury, Harden’s three-pointer put the Rockets up 31-7. And James could not help but appreciate how everything came together into one mesmerizing play.

“That was one of those moves that sometimes you dream about having,” James said Thursday morning, via “It was a perfect storm because at that time they were pretty handily winning that game, they were up like 28-7 at that point and gets that step-back, one of his patented moves, and the crowd went crazy, his teammates went crazy. That’s a play that will be in his highlight reel the rest of his life.”

James, who knows a thing or two about leaving defenders humiliated, praised Harden’s artistic additions to the play.

“Listen, man, it’s all part of the game, man,” James said. “This is a game of showmanship, but at the same time this is a game of swag and whatever you’ve got to do, man. Once you’re in between these lines of 94 (feet) ain’t no rules. The only rules is don’t try to hurt nobody purposely.”


Harden, meanwhile, had this to say about his swag and showmanship.

“I was going to shoot it, but I was waiting to see, to figure out what was going on. I was confused. Like did the ref call side out of bounds?”

Indeed. Again.