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David Ortiz does not ‘think it’s time’ for Rob Gronkowski to retire

Boston Red Sox icon David Ortiz on Wednesday expressed his thoughts on the convoluted rumors and conjecture regarding reports Rob Gronkowski is contemplating retirement.

In essence, Ortiz — in Fort Myers, Fla., to do some work with the Boston Red Sox during spring training — does not “think it’s time” for the New England Patriots tight end to walk away from football.

“I don’t think it’s time to go for him,” Ortiz told while visiting JetBlue Park. “He’s too young. He’s still athletic. He has so much talent. I don’t think it’s a good decision.”

Big Papi, who knows a thing or two about playing in the spotlight of the New England sports fishbowl — not to mention pervasive retirement rumors — obviously can lend some perspective to Gronk.

Ortiz added that contemplating retirement immediately after a season is not the right way to approach such a major decision.

“Nah, you don’t want to do that right after a season. Especially not at 27 [years old>,” Ortiz pointed out, although Gronkowski is actually 28. “You know how much life you’ve got left?”

And yet, Ortiz does sympathize with Gronkowski over how injuries have plagued the tight end quite a bit, especially in recent seasons.

“I’ve got to tell you one thing, once you start dealing with a lot of injuries and your body starts breaking down … especially that sport,” Ortiz said. “You know he has a lot of injuries and concussions and all that stuff. It might be a sign.”

As it stands, conflicting reports this week had Gronkowski seriously considering retirement — spurned on by him in some respects — and later indicating he’s set to return to the Patriots next season. Gronk, however, once again took to Twitter to seemingly address the reports in his now-patently cryptic manner.

In other words, stay tuned.