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Stephen Curry on Rockets’ confidence talk: ‘What are they supposed to say?’

Stephen Curry has thoughts on how the Houston Rockets are not only exuding confidence, the team is also proclaiming just how good they feel about themselves at this point. The Golden State Warriors superstar, perhaps surprisingly, is not really taking much offense to it, saying, “What are they supposed to say?”

Curry in all likelihood was asked to react to comments from James Harden, who said this week that as far as the Rockets’ championship aspirations are concerned,“This is the year. For sure.”

Here’s what defending champion Curry had to say about Harden’s comments, and perhaps other chatter coming out of Houston this season.

“What are they supposed to say? If I was in the same (expletive) I’d say the same thing,” said Curry, via Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “We were probably saying the same thing four years ago when we were chasing our first championship. I would either think they’re lying or be seriously concerned if they were saying anything different than what is being rumored they’re saying, their confidence and all that.

“(My teammates) probably (think) the same way I just said. What else you supposed to say? All those questions — Who’s the best in the league at this position? Who feel like they’re the best when it comes to individuals, teams? All that stuff. There is so much time before we battle it out not just with Houston but all those teams in the West fighting it out for the conference. Everyone gotta have that confidence, whether it’s rational or not.”

As Slater notes in his tweet, the last part of what Curry had to say is of particular interest. Now, Curry isn’t saying that the Rockets’ confidence is irrational, but he’s not saying it is not, either. It’s essentially how the Warriors have been treating the Rockets all season.

That said, it stands to be quite the exhilarating race down the stretch between the Warriors (47-14) and the Rockets (47-13) for the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference. Buckle up.