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Stephen Curry calls Warriors’ African American museum visit ‘unifying’

The Golden State Warriors on Tuesday paid a visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C., something Stephen Curry called a “unifying” experience.

The Warriors of course traveled to the museum in lieu of the traditional visit to the White House, as President Donald Trump previously rescinded an invitation.

Regardless of the circumstances, the Warriors — who escorted students from Kevin Durant’s hometown of Seat Pleasant, Md., on the the three-hour tour — found the visit to be enlightening.

“I think generally how unifying it’s been with the conservation around how sports are mingling in with, not just with politics, but just change and society,” Curry said, via ESPN. “Everybody has a voice and I think when you come to the arena tonight, you’ll see people from all walks of life, all different backgrounds enjoying entertainment and sports on the court. It brings people together and I think that’s kind of how it manifested itself with this whole conversation.

“Rhetoric and hate and general disdain from the top, trying to be divisive, had the opposite reaction that I think it intended. We’ve done our part to try to further that message. I think guys around the league understand the power of their voice and having each other’s back and like we say, just spread love and positivity. That’s been the biggest thing that I’ve noticed in the last year and that’s healthy and that’s what we’re all trying to accomplish.”

The Warriors’ ultimate visit to the museum — as opposed to the White House —  came to a head when Stephen Curry previously stated last fall he would not be interested in accepting an invitation should one ever be extended.

Trump subsequently tweeted the invitation, which technically was never extended, was withdrawn.

Durant, meanwhile, expressed gratitude to the Warriors organization for organizing the visit, in particular for how students from his hometown could attend as well. When asked whether he was disappointed about not visiting the White House, Durant, a vocal critic of Trump, made his opinion abundantly clear.

“No. Not at all … We had a great time yesterday.”