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Nationals bring in actual camels to spring training for ‘Hump Day’ (pics/vid)

The Washington Nationals got downright wacky on Wednesday by celebrating “Hump Day” by bringing in real, live camels to spring training.

New Nationals manager Dave Martinez, as noted in the above tweet, is behind the strange sight. Allow the skipper to explain.

Get it? With the Nationals’ penchant for postseason struggles, Martinez is making the idiom “getting over the hump” literal … in a manner of speaking.

Making the surreal sight even better … or worse depending on one’s particular view of music? The Black Eyed Peas’ earworm of a song, “My Humps,” was in heavy rotation throughout the events.

The Nationals posted footage from the “Hump Day” hilarity.

Chicago Cubs skipper Joe Maddon — no stranger to utilizing unconventional and wacky bits to break up the monotonous doldrums of baseball — is probably sitting at camp wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”