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Rob Gronkowski follows up cryptic tweets with one about the WWE

Rob Gronkowski, intentionally or otherwise, whipped up New England Patriots fans into a lather with a couple of recent cryptic tweets that at least hinted at the possibility he’s considering retirement. The Patriots tight end then on Tuesday posted a tweet about the WWE, again stirring up speculation as to whether a career change is potentially in the offing.

Gronkowski on Tuesday morning tweeted a shout-out to the WWE’s Mojo Rawley by linking to an article on the Gronk Nation website about how his family helped usher in Rawley’s career as a professional wrestler.

Rawley goes way back with the Gronkowski family, having played with the tight end’s brothers, Dan and Chris, at Maryland. Also of note is how Gronkowski is a big-time WWE fan, not to mention has made cameos during matches in the past. Put all that together and it makes perfect sense why Gronkowski opted to make note of Rawley’s connection to his family.

Making the circumstances of Gronkowski’s arguably innocuous tweet Tuesday more compelling, however, is that the dispatch followed the aforementioned cryptic tweets over the past handful of days.

Now, does Gronk’s cryptic social media musings mean anything in the grand scheme of things? Probably not. That said, the fact the Gronkowski would not confirm he would be returning to the Patriots next season when given the opportunity — not to mention his flirtations with contemplating retirement in the past — certainly lends more intrigue to said tweets.

In the end, Gronk’s tweets are probably much ado about nothing. Then again, Gronkowski’s recent social media activity certainly gives Patriots fans something to ponder; especially given reports that should he retire, Gronkowski could very well receive an offer from not only the WWE, but apparently Hollywood may come sniffing around as well, per reports.