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Legal expert: ‘Real chance the NBA could come down hard’ on Mavericks

A legal expert believes there’s a “real chance” the NBA will throw the book at the Dallas Mavericks over the organization’s workplace misconduct scandal.

Allegations of troubling workplace misconduct with the Mavericks organization were brought to light in a Sports Illustrated exposé published this week. And Rogge Dunn, well-versed in workplace misconduct in the world of sports, suspects the NBA will not hold back when levying a severe punishment for the scandal. And it sounds like the league could very well hit the Mavs where it hurts the most.

“There’s a real chance the NBA could come down hard on the Mavericks — up to and including their [2018 first-round] draft pick,” Dunn said, via SportsDay. “The major risk is if Mark Cuban was found to have covered anything up. That could impact sponsors, attendance, other legal ramifications and public opinion, of course.”

An interesting parallel to the current situation in which the Mavs organization finds itself embroiled is a hostile workplace environment/sexual harassment case in 2007 involving the New York Knicks and Isiah Thomas when he was serving as a coach and executive with the team.

In the end, a jury awarded the whistle-blower, a former employee, $11.6 million settlement, which was paid by Knicks owner James Dolan.

However, apparently unlike how the situation could conceivably play out with the Mavericks, then-NBA commissioner David Stern chose to not impose any further punishment on the Knicks beyond the court-ordered settlement.

As it stands, the investigative team charged with examining what happened with the Mavericks is already working on the case. It’s been reported the investigation could take approximately one month and involve the interviews of as many as 100 people.

Surprising revelations have already come to light in the aftermath of the damning SI article. One can can only imagine what will be discovered through the investigation, not to mention the potential fallout.