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Mark Cuban doesn’t even have a desk at Mavericks headquarters?

Mark Cuban finds himself and the Dallas Mavericks organization embroiled in controversy due to a workplace misconduct scandal detailed in a troubling Sports Illustrated exposé published this week. Amid the fallout, it’s been forwarded that Cuban, who is known as one of the more hands-on owners in professional sports, does not even have a desk at Mavericks headquarters.

Newy Scruggs, NBC5 sports anchor and NBC Sports Radio Sirius XM host, mentioned during a recent SportsDay chat that Cuban revealed the surprising revelation himself.

“Mark Cuban did the first and most important thing he could do, fire some people,” Scruggs said of what the Mavs owner had to do in the immediate aftermath of the scandal going public. “The HR director Buddy Pittman is out. writer Earl K. Sneed is gone. Those acts had to happen.

“The team has alerted the NBA and they put out a statement saying they are ready to fix the issues.

“The next thing Cuban has to do is be more active and seen around the Mavs offices. He rarely goes there. Mark has told me he doesn’t have a desk at the office. Cuban loves to communicate via email, the ‘must do’ he needs to implement is engaging with the staff in person more at the Mavs headquarters.”

Scruggs was asked how it can be reconciled that Cuban doesn’t even have a desk at Mavs HQ. given his reputation as a hands-on owner.

“Hands on has different meanings,” Scruggs said. “Cuban deals with most of his staff via email and does not have a desk in the Mavericks main offices and doesn’t visit the headquarters very much.”

Cuban has been in full damage control mode since the scandal broke, speaking with SI and later ESPN, the latter during which he stated he made a “horrible mistake in hindsight” by not firing writer Earl K. Sneed, accused of two instances of domestic violence, sooner. Expect the shocking revelations to continue, not to mention the NBA lowering the boom on the Mavericks organization in some way, shape or form.