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Derek Jeter: Marlins will ‘do their part’ to help Florida heal after mass shooting

Miami Marlins co-owner and CEO Derek Jeter said the organization will “do their part” to help the greater Florida community heal after a gunman massacred 17 faculty and staff last week at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

While making an appearance Wednesday at a Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce meeting, Jeter was asked about the mass murder on Feb. 14 by Evan Golden, a TV producer and 1999 Stoneman Douglas graduate.

Jeter of course understands all too well how sports can help those affected by tragedy cope and deal with unimaginable grief due to how the New York Yankees did just that in the wake of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

“We knew, playing in New York, that we couldn’t change the events that occurred,” Jeter said. “All we could possibly do is give fans the opportunity — we looked at it as we were distracting the fans three hours a day. It was great to see how the community rallied around us.

“… Those horrific events that happened last week, nothing will change that. We can learn from it and hopefully over time we can find something to cheer for, something to distract from what actually occurred. Post Sept. 11 we were able to do that as a baseball organization.”

The Major League Baseball community as a whole will do its part to honor the memories of the victims as well as show solidarity with those in the Parkland community and beyond who are left to grieve and deal with the fallout of such a horrific incident.

The league announced this week that all 30 MLB teams will wear Stoneman Douglas caps before spring training exhibitions Friday with the option available to wear them throughout the entire game.