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Gary Sanchez in awe of ‘moon shots’ from Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge

Gary Sanchez joked Tuesday about being somewhat jealous while marveling at the hitting power of Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge during batting practice.

“What can you say? Those guys hit moon shots and mine barely go over the fence,’’ Sanchez said while taking part in a batting cage session alongside Stanton, Judge and Jacoby Ellsbury, via the New York Post.

Evidence of the two sluggers putting on a show during BP made the rounds on Twitter.

Impressive, indeed.

Sanchez obviously is no slouch when it comes to putting balls over the fence. After all, the Yankees catcher hit 33 home runs himself last season. But there is no doubt when it comes to power, Sanchez lags just a bit behind Stanton and Judge, who hit 59 and 52 round-trippers last season, respectively.

It’s safe to say with the power hitters in the Yankees lineup that order has been restored to the baseball universe now that the Bronx Bombers once again are the Evil Empire, as CC Sabathia noted last month. Let’s just say beyond some joking jealousy, Sanchez probably is totally fine with playing third fiddle to the likes of Stanton and Judge.